Sleep Tracker - A5

Sleep Tracker - A5

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 If you struggle with staying asleep and falling asleep, you probably suffer with sleep apnea. In order to treat your bad sleeping habits, you should make sure to always go to sleep at the same time each day and wake up at the same time too. Another area that can help you sleep is to make sure to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. 

If you follow this advice, your sleep hygiene will be much better. In order to help you track this, we have created this minimalist sleep tracker for you to log how well you stick to your sleeping habits. Go on, give it a try and let us know!

*This planner is a part of our Selfcare Bundle


  • 10 sheets printed front and back (double sided)
  • Premium bright white smooth paper - 140 gsm
  • Paper size: A5 - 14.8 cm x 21 cm | 5.8" x 8.3"
  • Environmentally friendly packaging (no plastic used)



  • 31 Days
  • 1 Month per page
  • Starts at 8pm until 12pm next day